Monday, 5 March 2012

Where I hang my hat(s and jewellery, and shoes, and sunglasses, etc), there be my home

As a model I've grown accustomed to getting undressed in front of almost perfect strangers so my body and my physical self no longer feel so private to me. For me, my space is very private and very few people get to see inside my world. That's mostly because they usually have to trip up the stairs over the mountain of debris that accumulates there (not mine), so I save it for people who I know very well. But I have some ideas, that I've accumulated over the years that have served me very well in organising my chaos and I have come to realise that it's actually quite well categorised chaos, and I consider myself lucky enough to have the space in which to do it.

After seeing a post on A Pair & A Spare about jewellery organisation I thought I'd share my own tuppence worth on the subject and also broaden it to include accessories etc. So I hope some of you are inspired by my little world and the things I find charming.

I store out of season clothes in this collection of vintage suitcases. Hats also balance precariously up here. These two matching art-deco wardrobes were rescued from my student home, at a time when people thought having a house filled with Ikea was the epitome of stylishness.

The bottom case was bought for a song (ok, a fiver) from an overflowing antique shop (if you could call it that, you literally had to carve your way through, no word of a lie) in Hemel Hempstead. The centre one was from ebay and the top one was from a charity shop in North London (for less than a song, although it needed some restoration).

Left ladder: khussas- Southall market and Anarkali market, Lahore; Converse- vintage shop in Newtown, Sydney; biker boots and red knee-high boots- thrifted; white lace-up boots- Clothing exchange, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco; Hi-tops- Topshop; Black patent pumps- Carvela

Right ladder: ballet stilettos- Schuh; Cream slouch boots- Cow, Sheffield; Snakeskin 'Dickers'- Clarks; Cream boxing boots- DKNY, Patent and Colour block pumps- Office, Leopard print brogues- River Island (you probably can't make out the rest in the sea of black but what they hey, let's be consistent...); Fringe slouch boots- DIY; Thigh-high boots; Topshop; Heeled biker boots- Limited Collection; Platform Chelsea boots- Topshop; Cowboy boots- Vintage Emporium, Sheffield

Shoes, glorious shoes... I saw this idea in an interiors book when I was a teenager and have been storing my shoes in this way every since. As my shoe collection has grown, so has my collection of ladders. Including a stunning one I stole from Leopold Square in Sheffield (when it was a derelict set of buildings) and bribed two fellow Architecture students to carry it all the way home for me. Unfortunately it still lives in Sheffield and I miss it dearly.

Faux-snakeskin wedge Mary-Janes- New Look; Peep-toe suede stilettos- Beyond Retro, Brick Lane; Grey lace-up shoe-boots- Topshop (I realise you can just see the underside of these, but they are a sight to behold, I ummed and ahhed over the purchase but did not regret it once); White strappy sandals (both pairs)- Stables Market, Camden- Gold platform sandals- Topshop; Brown heeled brogues- New Look; Navy sandals- Stables market, Camden; Black patent pumps- some cheap shop in Camden but worn to DEATH; Brown lace-up boots- Cow, Sheffield; Snakeskin multi-strap flat pumps- Jefferey Campbell; Black pointy-toe ankle boots- thrifted; Black lace-up boots- My mum's wardrobe; Yellow Nike's- thrifted; Black ankle boots- Costume National; Leather & Suede lace-up stilettos- Guess; Green patent pumps- Bertie; Black Chelsea boots- thrifted; Brown colour-block ballerinas- thrifted; Black glitter strappy sandals- Clarks; Faux-snakeskin Mary-Janes- Peacocks; Brown heeled pumps- vintage Charles Jourdan; Brown knee-high army boots- Kleidermarkt, Berlin.

Ok, I may have gone slightly overboard with the 'styling' notes. What can I say, I'm a thorough kind of person, I've tried to include links to clearer pics, where possible if anyone cares to have a look. I'd like to think the smaller font size absolves me from this obsessiveness, as it indicates that reading it is totally optional (the rest of my blog, is of course, mandatory). The rest of my shoes are piled in a basket on top of another wardrobe or making a nice tableau around the fireplace.

One of my dressing tables, (also functions as a bedside table) this is the one where I keep my jewellery and a few other bits and pieces, like my home-made body oil, seen there in the teardrop shaped bottle, scented candles that actually just smell like candle unless you go really close and manicure bits and pieces as I like to do my nails (and oil up my body, clearly) sitting on my bed.

The art-deco dressing table was also rescued from a house-clearance. The house was gross and filthy and he'd obviously just thought it was a piece of junk and treated it as such, standing on a stack of plastic milk-crates. It is, however, an original 1930s piece, and I love it's details.

Love my glass bonsai for hanging earrings. It is very in keeping with the 1920s oriental theme of my room (they went mad for anything Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. back in the roaring 20s, or so I'm told). Don't worry, I won't go mad again by trying to list where I got all these earrings. But I did go through an Edie Sedgwick phase when I had short hair, which is why there are so many stonkers on there and I'm running out of space.

Sunglasses in a colander. Like you do. I use these cute little spice jars I found for my vitamins and supplements (essential bit of kit for a model) and safety pins (essential bit of kit for a stylist or DIYer, as we all know that feeling when your new creation starts falling apart at the seams.)

<3 My guilty pleasure here. I saw this in a charity shop when I was about 3 or 4 (yes, my love affair with the places began very early in life) and begged my dad to buy it. I was astounded and over the moon when he agreed as it was one whole english pound, which was a lot of money for us back then (no lie, bring out the violins). I love her to this day as she keeps my brooches etc. safe for me. Even though she has no name. Ducky, I think.

Vintage bottles have a real charm and are great for entertaining members of my arm party when I'm at work (I usually have to remove all my jewellery for shoots etc.). The cloth rose was a gift from an ex's mother, a lovely lady who I'll always remember. The rice bowl is for broken jewellery I have yet to fix. And barbie's rollerblade, evidently (was a member of my arm party some years ago, I'm not sure why I still keep it).

This is Toby, I think. I forget sometimes. He's very important, as you can see but he does fall over when I'm trying to smoke out my window and causes untold destruction. Getting anything off him in the morning is always a trying affair. Like most men, really.

Last but not least, a peek at how I organise beauty essentials. I won't let you see how I organise the rest because I don't do it very well, so we'll leave things at that.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my private world. I feel a bit naked now so I might go put some clothes on.

pictures by Leon Roy (yes, I wouldn't even let a photographer who wasn't flesh and blood enter my domain)


  1. Such a cool room! Makes me wish I was your housemate, just so that I could chill and look for inspiration by admiring the whole decors! :) *on my way to get a ladder for my shoes* xx

  2. thanks for your compliment, girl! Although i have to confess, I'm quite glad I don't have any fashion-obsessed housemates as they've been known to 'borrow' things in the past! Glad i could inspire you, would love you to tweet me a picture of the ladder when it's all settled in. I'm on @patternsforlife


  3. Your space is so gorgeous! The vintage ladders are fantastic!

  4. Thanks Geneva! They certainly do save a lot of space and look pretty. :)


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